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Intro 01:02
Look out. Your dreams are knocking at the door. Lost call from the past. Will you answer? Look out. Your dreams are knocking at your door. We just grow too fast (euphemism). Innocent kids caught up in circumstances beyond their control or even understanding. Anxiety of losing innocence – well, you're guilty, but only of minor, unrelated failings. Place your face on proper head. Place your heart to proper world. Turn around your dreams are back but you don't change your attitude. We just grow too far from the playground. Turn around your dreams are back but you've forget to disappear. Frustration, disorder – these are the keys to dark knowledge. Teacher telling lies and it sucks. Everyone's in the game and everyone is to blame. But every dog has its day. Everyone's free to pray and everyone's free to pay. But it's meaningless today. That's innocent kid's frustration.
I feel so sick, out of order, out of my routine. I watch my steps towards the saddest place I have ever been. The school. Mind regress is the only way how to glimpse your former self breakpoint. Count your chickens before they hatch and you'll catch your teenage burnout. Away. The way. It just happened and then passed away. I give you no choice. I wouldn't waste time. No choice for me. No waste of time. No emotions. straight heartline.
Bored 02:44
Back in the high school. Rewind and fast forward. Merciful memory erases all conclusions made on the basis of the false evidence. You've killed your hope. The spider web of your relationships. Did they last for years or for seconds? While are you considering yourself to be a king, you serve the servants. The youth seems long because it lasts for your whole former life. And you're bored. Say no to your fucking high school.
Snaketeeth 02:57
Your life intention – wait for an action. Time lasts forever. It lasts for everyone. Fatalism pretends to be wisdom. Chance crawls to nose of swine by its own design. What are you waiting for? Why don't you rock a boat? Create a wave you're terrified by. Create a wave of alibi. Miserable life is what you have deserved. Sitting in the classroom and no space is left. We're paralyzed. We're mesmerized. We're taken by wave like jellyfish. Find the aswer to questions you did not formulate. Find the answer. But why don't we go there? But why don't we come out?
Grit Sprayer 03:21
Well, in this case... It´s hard to speak as objective. I spit into your mouth again. Ridiculousness means invitation to collective for both of us. It's all the time the same. The brain is cheating us again. Retreat to nowhere. Generations intoxicated by inmass education. Leaders and followers got time to improve. Do I stand aside or against the odds of common pressure? Or do I only still prepare to move? To move from this place right now. We just still decay. We just still mislay. We still regret. We still defend what we hold in hands. What we cover in sand. The floating sand. Now it takes us down. We follow our hands. It takes us down and forces us to bend. Eyes wide face disaster. The wheels of salvation didn't start spinning yet. Eyes wide face disaster. Proceed faster when they ask you. Just knuckle down try harder. Look smarter. Do it right and then implode yourself. Just knuckle down, try harder and look smarter, when they ask to.
Morning 01:27
I woke up this morning. Can´t get out of bed. So alone and scared. How to get through this day when everything is so wrong? Broken family. Disconnected society. Please help me get through this day, please, my friends.
We are reaching the limits of our part-time sanity. Everything looks now so easy. Putting one arm on our hearts, we shed the blood all around and every day brings a brand new blackout. I've watched my past life full screen. I've searched for low-lights and I've seen: Some regret will last eternally. Some pain will keep growing in my belly. Some questions still keep their answers locked inside and there's no chance for you. When good vibes multiply, anything goes. Praise the Lords or Leaders. Lay your fucking life to their altairs. The light reflections on sword of guillotine. Experience is turning to routine. We're constantly courageous. Constantly outrageous. I'm the one who's able to move the mountain. Consciousless killing, my daily routine. A giant step for the masses. When good vibes multiply, anything goes. Praise the Lords or Leaders. Lay your fucking life to their gold painted altairs. But there's no other way to become a man. Way to become a man, but not a human.
Source of excitement. You've won something great. Sort of an enlightment. You've won something great. Place for a perfect grave. An axe in knee of perished fame. Your grace's provisional. Teardrop still doesn't fall down. You forbidden to tell a single word without approval. You've won something great. Place for a perfect grave, custom tailored for contemplation of your friends and family. For persuation of anyone who still ignores us or hates. The world was so old and I was so callow. The world was so close and I dwelled so far away.


released May 14, 2020

All songs written and performed by Snackthief. Recorded, mixed & mastered by Matúš Greňa in Kubik, Trnava, February-March 2020. Drawings by Eva Jaroňová. Artwork by Peter Kušnírik.




snackthief Brno, Czechia

Underground emo band formed in 2017.

Igor - vocals
Richard - guitar
Marek - bass
Dominik - drums

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